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About us

Originally, the company manufactured agricultural machinery – combines for harvesting sugar beets. The company has produced hundreds of combines until 1988. The company decided to change the offer and started production of spare parts for agricultural machinery, due to a deep decline in the demand for combines in 1989.In the years following, the range of produced spare parts stood at 4000 units, placing the company among the leading manufacturers of spare parts for agricultural machinery in the country.

We produce all the spare parts for rotary mowers as the only one manufacturer in the country.

The company manufactures spare parts for the following:
- Mowers,
- Manure spreaders,
- Bizona,
- Anna,
- Neptun,
- Orkan,
- Hooper spreaders,
- Rototillers,
- Agricultural trailers and others.

The Kowalscy company is also the leading manufacturer of drum mowers in the Polish market. Besides drum mowers the company produces:
- The rapeseeds harvesting extension to: New Holland, John Deere, Class, Deutz Fahr, Fendt and other,
- Straw grinders to Bizon combines,
- Flail mowers to mow ditches and roadsides.

The new machines have been manufactured since 2013, it is a series of light disc mowers Z030/1, Z030/2, Z030/3 and rear side flail mowers KB16. In addition, 4 rotors tedders used to spread mowed green plants have been manufactured since that year.
1-rotor rotary rakes (Z586, Z586/1) were introduced in 2014.
The company had started producing rear-side flail mowers KB14, rear-front flail mowers KBT16 and front disc mowers KDC29 in 2015.The latest novelty, produced in 2016, is the rear-front flail mower KBT18.
Including more than a hundred dealers in Poland, our machines are sold in many European countries, in particular: Germany, Finland, Ireland, Great Britain, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic, Kosovo.
While working on improving our products and services we focus especially on achieving the highest quality and shortened lead time and delivery to our customers. Efficient realization of individual orders for non-standard machine’s parts (including western production) and professional advice are another equally important traits of the company.

The high quality of the products is achieved by using the most modern, precise machines:
- Laser cutting machine,
- Plasma cutting machine,
- Milling machines and CNC lathes,
- Machining centers and milling machines for cylindrical and conical wheels,
- Broaching machines,
- Hydraulic and mechanical saw,
- Guillotines for cutting sheet metal,
- Press brakes, resistance welders, welding robots,

As a valued manufacturer we offer you the best quality at attractive, competitive prices.


The mission of the company

Our mission is solid and progressive contribution to the market of agricultural machinery.


New headquarters

The Kowalscy company completed the construction of a new manufacturing facility on Dzialkowcow street.

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